ACTS Retreats

  The "ACTS" in "ACTS Retreats" stands for "Adoration, Community, Theology, and Service". 

 ACTS Retreat for Assumption Men - Our next retreat will be held October 18-21, 2018.

t2manfdtm2t4wgvupqamo2hwrsl.jpg  An ACTS retreat is centered on how we as Catholics can improve our relationship with God and build a better, stronger faith community. A team of Assumption men presents the Thursday to Sunday retreat with spiritual direction provided by our priests. The retreat is held at the Marianist Retreat Center in Eureka, Missouri, where accommodations include a private room/bah for retreatants.

The director for the October retreat is Stan Buncher. Please email for more information.


  What are Assumption men saying about their experiences at an ACTS retreat?

  • "An ACTS retreat is a wonderful experience especially if you feel your faith has stagnated and you are looking for some enrichment. It is also a great place to speak to other men who discuss their faith and are experiencing the same types of issues you are." 
  • "It helped me open up and express my true feelings better. I am a very private person, but with the retreat team being open to sharing spiritual experiences, I was able to express mine as well. It was liberating. It has enabled me to be more open with all the people that I love."
  • "Seeing how God has touched men in their lives was the highlight for me."




ACTS Retreat for Assumption Women - Our next retreat is in January 2019.

This parish-based retreat offers the opportunity to renew your spirituality and prayer life, to strengthen your faith and its application in your daily life, and to build lasting friendships among our members. A team of Assumption women presents the Thursday to Sunday retreat with spiritual direction provided by our priests. The retreat is held at the Marianist Retreat Center in Eureka, Missouri, where accommodations include a private room/bath for retreatants.

The director for the January retreat is Dona Hannan (contact information coming soon).

What do Assumption women who have made an ACTS retreat have to say about their experience?

  • "I had a real sense of the presence of the Holy Spirit. The love was very real and overwhelming. The retreat is still singing in my heart!"
  • "This is a life changing event no matter where you are at the start.  You do not have to share or give your testimony. This is a wonderful time of getting to know YSIC (your sisters in Christ.) You will not regret going to this retreat."
  • "I have always had faith in my life, but this retreat was really eye-opening and I didn't realize how much it could be renewed!"
  • "This retreat was a turning point in my life and it seemed like it was wonderful for everyone. I think everyone will get something from it even if they don't like to share and even if they are very private. Just listening will be a great blessing . . .and you will get to know others in your congregation."

For more information about ACTS, please see our Leadership Roster.


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