AELC Registration


New Student Enrollment Checklist: 

  1. Enroll at Assumption Early Learning Center (AELC) - Enroll by turning in the RegistrationFamily Information Form, and  Registration Fee and Deposit for each child enrolling to the school office.  
  2. k3w4z8dc3qnmsmdv0z8nmywr6fl.jpgEnroll in FACTS online - Enroll on FACTS to set up automatic withdrawal for tuition. All FACTS questions can go directly to Diane Higgins. Her number is (314) 487-6520 ext. 1236 and her email is
  3. Christian Witness Statement Form - Carefully consider the Christian Witness Statement, sign this statement as your commitment to supporting it, and send it to the school office.
  4. Physical Examination Form - In accordance with the St. Louis Archdiocese Health Advisory Committee, all children entering a childcare program are expected to have a complete physical examination and yearly physical with yearly updated copies provided to the school nurse.   
  5. Baptismal Certificate - If your child was baptized at a parish other than Assumption Parish, please request a copy of the Baptismal Certificate from the parish of Baptism. Please ask that the parish seal be imprinted on the copy. This copy will be retained in the student’s file at Assumption Schools.
  6. Birth Certificate - Please present your child’s actual birth certificate and we will make a copy for our records.
  7. Parenting Plan - If a plan exists for the custodial care of your child, we will need a copy on file in the office, so we can follow the judge’s order in releasing your child to the proper person. Please submit a new copy any time there is an update.

*Tuition and Fees Summary - Your copy of tuition and fees.

Forms to complete when applicable:


The AELC Handbook can be downloaded  HERE.

If you have any questions, please e-mail Shelley Michael at or call 314-487-6520.

Safe Environment

If you would like to volunteer at Assumption Parish School, you must be in complete compliance with the St. Louis Archdiocese Safe Environment Program before you are allowed to volunteer in any capacity. Volunteering opportunities include classroom parties, filed trips, coaching, etc.  
Please go to the Safe Environment page of our website to see the requirements that need to be completed to be in compliance.