Funeral Arrangements

To schedule a funeral at Assumption contact:

Sr. Lorraine Defebbo O.S.F.

Parish Office Assistant

314-487-7970 Ext 1215

To purchase a grave from Assumption Parish contact:

Mrs. Denise Riek

Parish Office Manager

314-487-7970 Ext 1235

Funeral Mass Ministries

Assumption Parish provides:

1.    Priest

2.    Three altar servers

3.    Organist

4.    Cantor/soloist

5.    Funeral choir

6.    Reader (when necessary)

Families are welcome to provide:

1.    One or two readers who are confident to read Sacred Scripture in public.

2.    Reader for the petitions.

3.    Two gift bearers (or more if necessary).

4.    Liturgical musicians with experience.

5.    Visiting priests or deacons are always welcome provided they are
from the Archdiocese of St. Louis or have a Letter of Aptitude from
their ordinary.

Offerings and fees

Customarily, the following offerings and fees are offered:

1.    $150 donation is often given to the parish.

2.    $10 donation per server (usually there are 3 servers).

3.    $125 fee for the organist.

4.    $75 fee for the cantor.

5.    Some families offer the priest a gift.


1.    Assumption will provide a buffet lunch, desserts and beverages.

2.    Maximum number is 100.

3.    Family may provide additional beverages

4.    There is an area for portraits and mementos in the Church Lower Level.

5.    Families are asked to limit their luncheon to two hours.

6.    A separate donation to cover parish costs is not necessary, but
is appreciated. Often families give $1 for each person they anticipate
will attend.


The eulogy is not proper to the Catholic Funeral Mass. It may be best
to schedule it at the Funeral Home or during the Luncheon, however; if
necessary it could be inserted after the family arrives at the church
or after the Prayer After Communion.

When a eulogy is prepared, these guidelines should be followed:

1.    One eulogist may speak for the whole family.

2.    Prepare remarks on paper beforehand.

3.    Focus on the deceased’s faith, love of family, and dedication to
doing good works.

4.    Stories may be humorous but please no disrespectful stories,
anecdotes or course language.

5.    One should be cautious regarding certain texts or poems, while
comforting or reassuring, may not express Christ’s message of the
eternal life, final judgment and the resurrection accurately.

The family is welcome have eulogies at the luncheon after the Funeral.