Getting Married

In the Sacrament of Matrimony, a man and a woman commit themselves to a perpetual, faithful, and fruitful life together and, in so doing, the two become one in Christ in a life-long covenant between them.

The Common Marriage Policy for all Dioceses of Missouri was written to guide and direct marriage preparation in every Catholic parish in our state. What is not covered by this Common Policy is governed by the universal law of the Catholic Church. For a complete copy of the marriage policies of Assumption Parish, please all the parish office. In brief, the following should be kept in mind:

The Common Missouri Diocesan Policy calls for couples to contact the Church at least six months prior to the proposed date for the wedding. This time frame allows for BUT does not guarantee that the couple has adequate time to prepare for this Sacrament. They must accomplish the following steps:

  1. A pre-marriage investigation administered by the priest to help the couple determine their freedom to marry in the Catholic Church. Catholics marrying someone other than a Catholic need to request a dispensation from the Archbishop. In this request, Catholics promise not to abandon their faith and to see to it that any children born of their marriage will be baptized and raised in the Church.
  2. The FOCCUS Instrument, which facilitates couple communication between them, and counseling with the priest. Couples who are cohabiting before marriage need to discuss this situation with the priest in counseling. Couples ought to plan to separate for at least six (6) months before their wedding.
  3. A marriage preparation program which serves to instruct the couple on the spiritual, emotional, financial, and relational aspects of marriage and child rearing.
  4. An introductory session in Natural Family Planning (NFP).
  5. Plan the wedding liturgy.

One of the parties to be married must be a registered member of Assumption Parish, the son or daughter of a parishioner, or have a letter from the Pastor of the parish where he or she is registered. Parishioners are given priority of wedding dates.

Types of Ceremonies

Catholics marrying another Catholic are normally married at a Nuptial Mass.

Catholics marrying a baptized non-Catholic Christian must obtain a dispensation from the Roman Catholic Archbishop. While it is possible for the wedding to take place within a Nuptial Mass, it is important for the couple to understand that the non-Catholic partner (except for those of the Orthodox faith) as well as the non-Catholics who will attend their wedding will not be able to receive Holy Communion.

A marriage ceremony between a Catholic and non-Catholic Christian may take place in a Catholic liturgy that does not involve the consecration and distribution of Holy Communion. Please refer to Holy Communion (Eucharist) for an explanation of our beliefs.

Catholics marrying a non-baptized individual are not permitted to have a Nuptial Mass.

Becoming a Member of the Catholic Church

Anyone interested in becoming a member of the Catholic Church, and particularly a member of Assumption Parish, is warmly welcomed. As a parish family, we seek to be a welcoming community of faith, with our doors open to all who genuinely seek the Lord, desire to live the Gospel, and are willing to accept the discipline and faith of the Roman Catholic Church.

If a non-Catholic, engaged to be married to a Catholic, is interested in the Church and has shown a desire to join us, call the Parish Office at           314-487-7970.


Weddings can be arranged for Friday evenings or Saturdays between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. (starting times). Weddings at Assumption Parish during the liturgical season of Advent (four weeks prior to Christmas) and Lent (40 days prior to Easter) are permitted, but the couples need to be aware of and respect the penitential nature of the season as reflected in more subdued decorations and music. For this reason, weddings during these seasons, though permitted, are not encouraged.

Wedding Offering

The ordinary offering to the church for a wedding is $300 for parishioners and $500 for non-parishioners.

Marriage Records

To request a marriage record, please call Bridget Davis at 314-487-7970, ext. 1215, or e-mail