New Parishioners



At Assumption Parish (Mattese), we provide sacraments and times of prayer to those who seek God’s grace. We offer excellent educational experiences for those who seek wisdom through Assumption School, P.S.R., the Early Learning Center and through Adult Faith formation programs. We reach out to others in our many service opportunities. We also provide a sense of community through our many youth, teen, adult, and senior associations and programs.

We are a Catholic community founded in 1839, but we continue to make a difference in the lives of all who come here today. We worship God, share the Good News of Jesus and serve Christ in others. We continue the mission of Jesus Christ by helping everyone to become a saint.

Focusing on our Parish Mission, and with the unwavering support of parish staff, committee leaders and volunteers who dedicate numerous hours, we continue to grow our vibrancy in Assumption's community and beyond.

If you live in South County and are looking for a place to encounter God, experience excellent education, serve others, or find new friends - you will find it all here at Assumption Parish.

Together, we can continue the mission of Jesus Christ

God bless,

Fr. Thomas Keller, Pastor