Welcome to Assumption Parish School of Religion (PSR)

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Every child of Assumption deserves the best religious education and faith formation opportunity possible. For children attending our area public schools, Assumption provides the Parish School of Religion (PSR) program. Our PSR offers religious education and faith formation classes for children in kindergarten through eighth grade. Classes meet on Monday evenings from 6:15 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. in Church, and then will conclude in the parish school building. PSR classes begin August 29 and continue through the school year, concluding on May 22.

Our catechists are people of faith, offering their time and talent as a ministry of service to our parish children.

In addition to religious education, Assumption PSR provides sacramental preparation for First Penance and First Eucharist (second grade) and Confirmation (seventh grade). Assumption Parish School of Religion makes every effort to insure that all its students have received the sacraments appropriate to their age level.

Because of the class time limitations, homework and parental involvement in the faith formation of their children are especially needed. It is expected that all families practice their faith by fulfilling their Sunday obligation. Parents are the “primary educators”7bgo0vsk3ehkbp9thnxnu0wvbhl.jpg of their children in the ways of faith. Parental involvement and support of the PSR program is essential if we are to accomplish a firm foundation of faith in our youth. The example of parents is the foundation for the lessons taught in the Assumption Parish School of Religion program.

The parish supports the PSR program by providing religious education resources, instructional materials, continuing education for all catechists, textbooks, classroom space, catechists and professional staff. Parents are asked to support the Assumption Parish School of Religion program by paying a nominal tuition fee per child. While no child will be denied access to the PSR program due to an inability to pay, all must do their part to ensure a well-run program of faith formation. Special financial arrangements and application to the Parish Partners in Education Fund can be made by e-mailing the principal.

For more information, please call the Principal for our Parish School of Religion, Mrs. Julie Connors 314-487-6520. ext. 2219 or e-mail connorsj@assumptionstl.org.