Work Duty

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The Athletic Association is pleased to announce revisions to our work duty requirements and assignments. At this time these policies apply only to CYC sports registrations.

These revisions include:

  • At registration you will be required to immediately reserve an available work duty assignment.
  • If you are unable to fulfill your requirement you will be able to buyout of your work duty requirement at registration.
  • You will be required to signup only once per household for each CYC sport. Meaning, even if you have children playing in multiple grades for each CYC sport, you will be required to fulfill only one work duty assignment.
  • Each team manager (head coach for the registering sport) is eligible for an exemption from work duty. To receive an exemption code, send an email request to your lay director prior to registration. The email address of your lay director may be found HERE.

Why are we required to perform work duty?

  • Work duty (concession stand, gym monitoring, etc) is an essential part of our athletic program.
  • We cannot function as an organization without the involvement and participation of all of our families.
  • Work duty promotes a sense of connection to our Parish community and the Athletic Association.
  • Concession revenue is a vital source of funding for our program. This revenue helps us keep our athletic fees much lower than almost all other parishes in the area.

Why are we making these changes?

  • Allows for a more equitable distribution of work duty requirements for all registered households.
  • Better planning and staffing for our concession stands.
  • The buyout option gives households who cannot or are not willing to fulfill their work duty requirement a more equitable alternative without putting extra burden on other households.
  • Removes staffing responsibility from the team managers. Managers have enough to do without also being tasked with staffing our concession stands.

Gym Monitoring Responsibilities

Safety and Liability concerns require that an Assumption adult is in the building to assume responsibility anytime the gym is open. The vast majority of the time the only action required will be to show up for the assigned shift. Emergency situations occasionally do happen and the gym monitor is the person charged with helping game officials or phoning for appropriate assistance.

A responsible adult must be on the premises whenever the gym is open to call authorities in the event of an emergency.

The Gym Monitor will assist the game officials to maintain order. Game officials are in charge and have the final word in any disagreement. Closer attention may be required if two teenage officials are working a game. The Police should be contacted if a coach or fan is asked to leave the premises and does not comply. Call the President or Vice-President at the numbers listed under the Contacts tab. Remember, when someone is ejected, they are required to leave the facility entirely. They cannot stand in the vestibule. They must exit the building.

In the event of a storm, power outage, leaky roof or any situation that requires the officials to suspend play, support the official and call the Lay Director or other Athletic Association leader listed on the Contacts tab.

In case of injury, chemical ice packs are available in the Athletic Association closet, located off the gym vestibule, across from the concession stand.

Buyout Fees

Though we strongly encourage all families to participate in the work duty requirements, we also understand that some families can’t or just won’t do it. In order to accommodate these needs we do allow a buyout option. At the discretion of the athletic association, work duty fees can change without notice. Depending upon our staffing needs, work duty fees can also change during an active signup session.

There are three levels of buyout.

  1. At registration. $75
  2. After registration, at least 72 hours before your scheduled duty. $100
  3. If the participant is a “No Show”. $150

If you have questions or concerns regarding this policy, please e-mail Tony Davis

Eligibility – All workers must be at least 21 years of age and and they must be the parent/legal guardian of a child that participates in an Assumption Athletic Association sponsored sport.

Exemptions – Only the team manager / head coach of an Assumption CYC team is exempt from work duty.

Reminders – Prior to your scheduled duty, you will be reminded of your date and time. These reminders only work if your account contains a valid email address that you regularly check. If you want to be assured that you will get your reminders, please verify your email address when you register. Because of email filtering software, “business” email address may not receive correspondence from us. If you have never receive correspondence from the athletic association please consider using a different email address that will allow our messages to reach you. Additionally, to ensure that our messages do not get routed to your spam or junk folder, please add to your contact list.

At least 72 hours before – If you find out you cannot work at least 72 hours before your scheduled duty, e-mail the work duty coordinators at If unfilled shifts are available, you might be able to make a switch, you also may exercise an “after registration buyout” of your work duty.

Within 72 hours – If you are within 72 hours of your scheduled duty, and you cannot work, it is your responsibility to find a substitute. Failure to find a substitute may result in you being assessed a "No Show" buyout fee. E-mail the work duty coordinators at to let them know who is working your shift.

No Show – Work duty only works if the participating households take their responsibilities seriously. Failure to show for a work duty assignment has consequences that should be considered. If you are a “no show” a block will be placed your online account that will prevent you from registering in subsequent sessions. The block will not be removed until the matter is resolved and the “No show” buyout fee is paid. It is your responsibility to e-mail the work duty coordinators at to seek a resolution.

Priority – Work duty shifts are reserved strictly on a first-come, first-reserved basis. Early registrants will have more choices than those who register late. Work duty shifts cannot be reserved prior to registration.

Cancellations – You be notified via email or phone call if your work duty shift is cancelled. If your work duty shift is cancelled you will be placed in the work duty pool for the purpose of working another work duty shift later in the season.

Fees – At the discretion of the athletic association, work duty fees can change without notice. Depending upon our staffing needs, work duty fees can also change during an active signup session.

Shifts – Work duty shift lengths can and do vary depending on the day and time. Shift lengths can and will vary with each sports registration session.

Signoff Sheet – When you work your duty you will be required to sign a signoff sheet. This sheet indicates that you have fulfilled your work duty responsibilities. If you do not sign the sheet, you may be subject to the “No Show” buyout fee. If a signoff sheet is not available please e-mail the work duty coordinators at to let them know you worked your shift.

No matter your situation, if you have questions, problems, or concerns regarding your work duty assignment it is always in your best interest to stay in touch with the work duty coordinators by e-mail at

If you have questions or concerns regarding this policy, please e-mail Tony Davis