Your gift, today, can be the catalyst to a new spirit of philanthropy at Assumption. The joy one experiences in giving is, itself, a blessing – a gift expressing one’s gratitude for the unending love of Our Lord present in one’s life. All gifts support the ongoing Mission of Our Lord as it is lived out in Assumption Parish. 

The simplest ways to give include an outright gift of cash, marketable securities, or other assets, which can provide immediate tax benefits. Other ways of giving include:

Online Giving: 


Challenge Gifts

Challenge Gifts are a significant benefit as these gifts increase the likelihood that priorities will be funded. They encourage others to give. Great good can be accomplished through a Challenge Gift.

Employee Matching

Donors whose employer matches employee giving to charitable causes can increase the benefit of their gift through this matching opportunity.

Annual Gift

Each gift to the Annual Fund for Assumption Parish or Assumption Grade School is precious and contributes to accomplishing important, necessary work. Each year, the parish and school identify important needs that would be difficult or impossible to accomplish through the budgeting process.Your gift to support these projects is greatly appreciated. Donors may also choose to designate their gift as ‘Where Most Needed”. If your employer matches employee gifts, please consider increasing the amount of your gift through this matching opportunity. Challenge Gifts are an important way to encourage others to contribute to an Annual Fund Drive.

Memorial Gift

A memorial is a beautiful way to honor a beloved family member or a treasured friend. A memorial gift can be sent to Assumption Parish Development Office at 4725 Mattis Road, St. Louis, MO 63128, with your information enclosed.

For those who wish to create a lasting memorial, a gift of endowment or other Planned Gift, call the Parish Office 314-487-7970 to schedule an appointment.

Advantage of a Planned Gift: Tangible and Intangible

One experiences a deep sense of accomplishment in leaving a living legacy - in returning to God a portion of His blessings received during one’s lifetime - and in knowing that one’s vision and values will find expression in the lives of those touched by the gift.
Planned Gifts are the result of careful gift planning and can offer the donor the opportunity to give a gift that will continue to support the mission and ministries of the parish in perpetuity. It is appropriate to consult one’s attorney or tax advisor in planning a gift.
The donor has greater input in how the gift is used, and the gift may lead to significant tax benefits. Depending on the type of gift, one may receive an income for life.
The donor has the opportunity and satisfaction of giving beyond one’s current disposable income capabilities. This is especially true of older, retired donors who may have a fixed income, but who may have assets that can be designated for charitable giving. Gifts may be designated as a lasting memorial in one’s name or as a tribute to honor a loved one.

Planned Giving Opportunities

Endowed gifts are invested. A percentage of the earnings on the endowment may be withdrawn at specified times each year by the parish. Earnings not withdrawn are invested to “grow the endowment” as well as the financial support they will give to the parish in the future. Endowed gifts today are essential in funding the parish of the future.

The Charitable Gift Annuity and the Charitable Remainder Trust
Donors interested in receiving an income from their gift during their lifetime may want to consider the Charitable Gift Annuity or the Charitable Remainder Trust.

Donor Advised Fund
The Donor Advised Fund may be attractive to the donor interested in managing the disbursement of the funds during one’s lifetime. The donor can name others as successor advisors.

Gifts that Benefit the Charity after One’s Lifetime
Including Assumption Parish in your Will or Trust, as beneficiary of a life insurance policy or a Retirement Plan Asset (as the IRA), or as beneficiary of other personal assets will provide support for parish ministries after your lifetime. A gift of real estate is a gift one might consider.

The Planned Giving opportunities listed above do not include every possible option. It is a discussion of gift planning frequently used by donors. To discuss a gift. please call Father Keller 314-487-7970, ext. 1202, to schedule an appointment.